My Approach

Regular massage is an investment in your health, and it’s important to find a massage therapist with the proper experience, knowledge and skills. The following will give you some idea of who I am and what my approach is.

My Story

Massage gave a piece of my life back to me.

Like many healers my profession found me through the adversity of a personal injury. As a teenager, I experienced a serious sprain to my wrist which never felt fully healed. It continued to feel weak, and I had to adapt my life around it. It often bothered me, so much so that I even re-sprained the wrist once or twice every year. A few years after the original injury, I resigned myself to accept the sad truth.  The damage was permanent and I would be living with it for my lifetime.

Luckily, after living with this limitation for 10 years I was asked to be a practice body for a friend who needed to log hours as part of her training to be a professional massage therapist. In the past I found that massage didn’t really help the wrist but it did feel good. I had nothing to lose and relaxation to gain so I agreed to help my friend.

Over the next six weeks I received sessions that were hours long, quite intense and to my surprise physically restorative. Something in my neck and shoulders was released. The injured wrist that was barely worked on felt better. It was as though it suddenly came alive. In the 20+ years since, my wrist no longer ails me, never sprains and is actually the stronger of my two wrists!

Massage gave a piece of my life back to me; a part that I felt was forever lost.  In gratitude I am pleased to share that my work as a massage therapist has grown way past being my profession. It is my passion, what my heart aches to do and clearly my calling.

Becoming Me:  Education and Experience

I sit in gratitude as I look back on the individual steps of my journey to becoming the well trained, passionate healer and business owner that I am today. The pathway was challenging, interesting and rewarding.

2004 brought with it awareness, with a pulling toward something better, more exciting and fulfilling.  My many years of employment in the computer technology and customer service industry no longer fit.  I ached for change and a career that was more meaningful and closer to my heart.  My desire to touch the lives of others and make a difference began to propel me into what I now see is my true calling.

I had been teaching myself massage for many years. Clearly, it was time to take it to the next step.  I enrolled in the massage program at the Providence Institute in Tucson, Arizona.  This choice turned out to be much more than a step along the path. The program was a life changing experience; unlike anything I had ever known or imagined. I graduated from Providence Institute’s massage program in February of 2005 and the Zen Shiatsu program in August of 2005.

My answer was an enthusiastic “yes’ when the opportunity to work as an assistant in their classrooms was presented to me.  Later, the job organically grew into becoming a supervisor in the student clinics and eventually being hired as a lead instructor in the massage program.

This part of my personal and educational journey provided a unique opportunity and foundation that few other massage therapists’ experience. It was the perfect forum to refresh my education, refine my skills and build my foundation over and over for several years. Additionally, working with several different instructors and seeing through their eyes enhanced my vision of more possibilities through massage.

As a massage therapist, health enthusiast, and fitness advocate, adding new classes, exploring new techniques and sharing the benefits with my clients is a joy. Thus, going beyond the minimum licensing renewal requirements for continuing education is easy and fulfilling.

Bringing my education, love of my profession and desire to make a difference is a product of blending the science of bodywork, anatomy and overall health, with the awareness that comes from a lifelong love of Tai Chi and Qigong.

And that’s where amazing things happen!

Pathway to Wellness:  Balance, Vitality, Inner Peace

My goal as a massage therapist is to provide bodywork that promotes my clients’ health and wellness, eases their tension and supports reduction of stress. My approach involves guiding each client over time to finding their individual place of peace, comfort, and tranquility in their lives.

I am blessed with a diverse client base of both male and female persons of all ages and walks of life.  Some are injured, some looking to relieve chronic pain and others to simply maintain their existing good level of health. Whether an athlete, weekend warrior or an individual bound to a desk, they all come to me with a desire to feel better in their bodies.
Each client is unique. Therefore, the foundation of my approach to healing is first listening to your preferences and goals; and then designing a specific and appropriate treatment plan to accommodate you.

Occasionally massage may feel uncomfortable; however one does not need to suffer to receive effective bodywork.  While in my care your pathway to wellness will include searching for the root of your problem and/or pain and treating the body as a whole. Bottom line, I work within each client’s tolerance level.

Regardless of your present state of health, providing you with more than  temporary relief from pain, having you leave with restored function and making the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time is always a  top priority.

An Invitation: Feel good. Move well. Grow Young.

I love what I do, truly. The satisfaction I feel each time I am asked to be part of someone’s health care program is beyond words.  I can say that working to give others the gift of awareness concerning cumbersome tensions and patterns in their body is both humbling and rewarding. It helps change lives for the better, and that’s a gift I love to share.

I respectfully invite you to consider me and BodyWork Alchemy sessions to support you in feeling better in your body as you grow young rather than old.