"In 1997 I was in a car accident. A young boy was driving 100 mph when he lost control of his car and slammed in to me head on. Needless to say I sustained some pretty extensive injuries. I've worked with many massage therapists in the course of my recovery. None could make a difference in my neck which took the brunt of the damage. They could limp me along, week to week, but they couldn't help alleviate my pain, they couldn't make lasting and effective improvement in my injuries and pain levels. When I found Kevin in 2007 I was in terrible pain, living on medication to keep my muscles functional, and frequently had headaches that lasted months at a time. Within two months of weekly sessions I was able to start a work out program. By the end of six months of weekly sessions I was able to stop seeing my chiropractor. And by the end of a year of weekly sessions I was without my constant companion; my horrific nerve pain. We continued to make steady and lasting progress on my injuries and now I see him mostly for maintenance at my weekly sessions. It's fabulous! I lived with daily chronic pain for ten years until I found Kevin's work. Now I am pain free nearly every day."

--Tiffany M. Bastedo

“I have used massage therapists in many states and countries, including high-end spas.  Friends and coworkers have referred me to their therapists and inevitably I have been let down.  My sister had been nudging me towards her therapist, and I lovingly resisted.  Finally I had taken a fall and was very stiff and sore and agreed to see Kevin at Bodywork Alchemy.  I was so impressed that I also scheduled my daughter an appointment with Kevin when she was 7, 8, and 9 months pregnant to which she found great relief.  On a humorous note, I was actually at a 2 hour session at Bodywork Alchemy when a message was left on my phone that my daughter was at the hospital to give birth and my first thought was “Thank God it wasn’t sooner because it would have interrupted my massage!”

--Christine, Educator

“I’ve seen a lot of massage therapists before and there is just no one I’d rather go to for treatments.  Kevin mixes several modalities together during your session but you’d never know because the ebb and flow is just so smooth that you can fall asleep so gently.  Any issue I’ve brought to him has been resolved, including opiate withdrawal pains.  They were gone by the next morning.  Even my mom, a nurse, sees Kevin and says no one knows the body quite like he does.  He even gives advice on daily life issues like posture."

--Justin K., Reiki Master/Teacher

“Kevin Bowman of Bodywork Alchemy is the quintessential massage therapist.  I was the victim of a motor vehicle accident and have endured massive chronic pain from the injuries sustained.  I have tried alternate therapies, some which have made my pain worse.  I was referred to Kevin by a friend, and I have experienced great relief.  He is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, affordable and in my opinion, he has the hands of a God!”

--Edie, Counselor

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"I encourage everyone to get a massage, your body will thank you. My experience at BodyWork Alchemy was incredible and I will be returning for more massages."

"Kevin is the best! Great massage!"

"Kevin is very knowledgeable and had great hands with a great controlled touch. And the studio was very clean and comfortable. "

"One of the best massages I have ever had. I would highly recommend Kevin. I had plenty of knots and tightness everywhere and felt so much better after my massage. "